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Gain More Patients and Increase Your Revenue Today!

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HeliumDoc allows patients from across the nation to search for the best doctors and healthcare professionals and book with ease.

Signing up with  HeliumDoc will put you in front of hundreds of thousands of patients from around the world!

Benefits of Using HeliumDoc

  • Easily attract new patients

  • Greatly increase your revenue 

  • Strengthen your online reputation with patient reviews

  • Have searchable photos of you and your clinic for the patients to view

  • Customize your profile, add your credentials and specialties and let the patients know more about you

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  • Patients can filter and choose from the nation’s top doctors on the basis of location, insurance, language, gender, and reviews. Make it easier for patients near you to discover you

  • Let patients recommend you to family and friends by sharing your profile on multiple platforms and giving referrals

Why HeliumDoc?

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HeliumDoc is the largest doctor booking platform present in Qatar and the UAE and has now expanded its operations to Africa.

With over 120,000 monthly users, HeliumDoc helps patients find the doctors best suited to their needs. It will help your hospital or clinic improve its online presence and acquire new patients. 

HeliumDoc has facilitated more than a hundred thousand bookings to date, drastically increasing profitability for practicing providers in the regions by drawing new patients to them and enhancing the patient experience.

Get onboard with us today to successfully build your practice, attract and retain patients, and increase your revenue!

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