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Home Care
from American Hospital Dubai

American Hospital Dubai, the premier private healthcare provider in the Middle East is initiating its Home Care service during this pandemic situation which has been issued by the WHO.
At American Hospital Dubai, we will continue to strive as the leaders in Healthcare in this region. It is our priority to support our community with the same quality of healthcare at the comfort of their homes. Our team of consultant doctors and trained physiotherapists will visit the patient at their home.


home care?

Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home by American Hospital Dubai for an illness or injury. Home health care is usually more convenient, and just as effective as the care you get in a hospital.

Home care Services

Family Medicine Consultant

Physio at home

Lab at home

Consultant Pediatrician

Ultrasound services

Delivery of Medicines

Wound Care

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Looking For More Information?

Check our frequently asked questions below

  • Will I have to diet or exercise after the procedure?
    Exercise and physical activity in general is recommended after bariatric surgery. Just daily short walks at first will help you recover in a healthy manner, reduce any risks from the surgery and help you return to a normal life as quickly as possible. After 4-12 weeks (depending on the type of surgery) you can start cycling, walking, progressing to swimming once your wound has healed and then on to weights or more vigorous activity as you recover and start losing the weight. We have found that our patients are eager to get going as they start to enjoy more energy than ever before.
  • When can I start exercising again after surgery?
    Right away! You will take gentle, short walks even while you are in the hospital. The key is to start slow. Listen to your body and your surgeon. If you lift weights or do sports, stay “low impact” until you are given the all-clear (avoid competition, think participation). Build slowly over several weeks. If you swim, your wounds need to be healed over before you get back in the water.
  • Does type 2 diabetes make surgery riskier?
    It can. Be sure to follow any instructions from your surgeon about managing your diabetes around the time of surgery. Almost everyone with Type 2 Diabetes sees big improvement or even complete remission after surgery. Some studies have even reported improvement of Type 1 Diabetes after bariatric procedures.
  • Can I have surgery if I have heart disease?
    The short answer is yes. One complication of obesity is the increased rate of heart disease; therefore surgery may be the move that allows you to continue a healthy life and manage your heart disease. However, you should choose a hospital that deals with a lot of gastric surgery as they will be experienced and also select a hospital that has heart specialists who can advise the bariatric surgeons on any relevant aspects. Zulekha achieve all these aims so if you have any concerns, please speak to our team, we are happy to discuss all aspects in detail.
  • Will I lose my hair after bariatric surgery?
    Hair follicles are a complex part of humans’ anatomy, they are susceptible to so many aspects of our physiology that it is hard to give a definitive answer to this question. Some patients have noticed hair loss after surgery, while many haven’t. We try to reduce the likelihood of hair loss in our patients with a well-planned post-op diet and the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. We have found that although we cannot prevent hair loss in every single surgery, when it does occur, we can reduce the amount of loss and the duration.
  • Can I stop taking my medication after surgery?
    Bariatric surgery changes many aspects of one’s life, and medications are no exception. Most patients will be prescribed certain medications and supplements after their surgery, but the surgery can also affect what medications are safe to take for other reasons and how you take them. Your consultant will be able to advise on changes in volume to medication or even reductions in the amount of medicines required.


American Hospital Dubai

A premier private healthcare provider in the Middle East, American Hospital, part of Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group, was established in 1996 with the goal of providing world-class medical service to the community. The 252-bed, acute care, general medical/surgical private hospital has state-of-the-art facilities and an experienced team of healthcare professionals specialised in more than 40 medical and surgical specialties assuring comprehensive care. All physicians at American Hospital are American Board Certified or equivalent ensuring that patients receive international standard of care in the UAE.

American Hospital is the first hospital in the Middle East to be awarded the JCI while its laboratory is the first in the private sector in the region to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists. The hospital is also the inaugural member of the prestigious Mayo Care Network. Further, American Hospital's cancer programme was the first to offer comprehensive one-stop care in Dubai. The Life Support Training Centre at American Hospital Dubai is the first in a private hospital in the UAE to be an American Heart Association (AHA) International Training Center.

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